Mobile Workforce Management Market Leader Xora Mobile Device Support Tops 140

Device trends point to growing popularity of ruggedized Android smartphones

Mountain View, California, September 11, 2012 – Xora, Inc., the #1 market leader in mobile workforce management, today announced that the company now supports 144 mobile devices, including 95 smartphones, 17 tablets and 33 feature phones, from all major manufacturers and their leading carrier partners. Xora also reported that ruggedized Android™ smartphones are among the most popular smartphones with its customers, now accounting for a quarter of all the Android devices customers use to run Xora. The company’s new flagship product, Xora StreetSmartTM, also announced today, is compatible with all 144 devices.

“Xora customers are businesses whose success depends on the performance of their mobile employees in the field,” said Tom Miltonberger, Xora Vice President of Products and Engineering. “Recent device activation reports reveal that our customers are adopting smartphones – especially ruggedized models designed to withstand the toughest conditions faced by workers who spend their entire workday on the move – with increasing frequency. We are responding to this growing demand by supporting current rugged devices and working closely with carriers and device manufacturers to quickly certify new devices as they come to market.”

Examples of new Android phones supported by Xora include the CASIO® G’zOne Commando™, the first Android phone in the rugged G’zOne family; the MOTOROLA ADMIRAL™, a rugged Android phone with a physical keyboard; and the Samsung Rugby® Smart, Samsung’s newest ruggedized Android smartphone.

Xora StreetSmart consists of a suite of configurable mobile apps and a web-based management application. The mobile apps turn any mobile phone or tablet into a powerful productivity tool. The management application lets managers and office personnel analyze performance for better decision making. Mobile Timesheets save time and reduce errors. Mobile Forms and Mobile Jobs reduce phone tag and manual paperwork. Photo and electronic signature capture provide proof of service.

About Xora
Xora helps mobile businesses and their mobile workers work smarter and faster. More than 16,000 organizations rely on Xora every day to save money and grow their businesses. Xora is North America’s #1 market leader in mobile workforce management – an achievement that Frost & Sullivan recognized by honoring Xora with its 2012 Market Share Leadership Award.